How to use the Oracle

The Oracle provides direct answers to specific questions. Unlike the Tarot it does not provide insights or different ways of looking at situations.

The simplest way of using the Oracle is to ask it a specific question. With a clear mind and in a still space, reflect on the question you want answered. Imagine Apollo, the Sun, looking down on you. You are connected. Apollo illuminates everything and sees all. With your eyes closed and your breath steady, run your hands through the stones. Notice their shape and feel. Ask your question out loud, three times. Be specific. Still feeling the stones with your eyes closed, you will feel drawn to one more than the others. Take this stone in your hand. This is your answer. Read the message from the Oracle, and the interpretation.

The Oracle speaks directly and does not lie. You may not like your answer, or you may not understand the answer but it is the answer to your question.


I’m working on some spreads and will post them here shortly.

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